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Purchase one of our monitored security systems for your home or office from Action Security Systems, mention this special, and receive two months of security system monitoring absolutely FREE!

Security Tips from a Trusted Expert
Many people believe that security systems are not worth the money. However, Action Security Services believes that every household and business needs a security system and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Securing your home or business – The main reason to purchase a security system is to protect your belongings and keep your family safe from potential burglars. In Canada a home or business is burglarized more often than you can imagine. The best way to deter a burglary is with a monitored security system.

2. Deterring burglars – You are less likely to be broken into just by displaying that you have an alarm system. Placing an alarm system sign in your yard or your place of business drastically reduces the risk of a break-in.

3. Protecting your home or business from a fire – Only you can prevent your home from a fire. Smoke and heat detectors are a great way to protect your home from a fire. Monitored smoke and heat sensors will trigger a response from the monitoring station, which in turn will trigger a response from the fire department. Early detection can save lives and also save your home or business from excessive damage.

4. Peace of mind – A security system can provide you with the feeling of security whether you are home or not. While you’re at home, you can feel safe knowing your home is safeguarded, and while you are away, you can be assured that your security system will let you and the police know if there is any problem at your home or business.

5. Monitored doors and windows – Even if your alarm is not set, most security systems will let you know immediately when a censored door or window was opened.

6. Glass shatter detectors – Some burglars think that they can bypass the door by gaining entry through breaking a window. Glass sensors can easily be installed on your windows to send an instant alarm when the glass is broken.

7. Homeowner’s insurance discounts – Most insurance companies offer a discount on insurance premiums for those clients who have taken the initiative to be protected by a security system. The percentages range depending on your insurer, but the average 8. 8. Police response – Fear and adrenaline sometimes make it hard to focus on what you need to do in case of an emergency. Depending on your personalized instructions to the monitoring station, when your alarm goes off, trained staff at the monitoring station know what to do even if you don’t.

9. Medical emergencies – Most security systems have the capability of a panic button in case of a medical emergency, fire or any other emergency, with the push of one button on the keypad.

10. Protection while you are sleeping – You can go to bed or move about your house freely, while your security system is set. Should a door or window be jeopardized, your alarm will sound immediately.