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Action Security Services is an authorized installation and service partner for many of the leading access control technology manufacturers. Action Security Services is a leading security provider operating within the Calgary area. Our team of highly trained experts have years of experience working with businesses to design the access control system that best fits your needs for performance, flexibility and cost.

The access control systems that we offer range from modest access control systems that use proximity cards to the most sophisticated biometric systems. Today these systems not only control physical access, but they also track specific employee, visitor and equipment movement in and out of your premise or restricted areas within your facility. Access control systems can also serve a dual purpose by automating employee time and attendance-reporting.access control systems

Intercoms – An Excellent Way to Authorize Individuals Access to Your Premise

Intercom systems are an excellent way to remotely identify and authorize individuals requesting access to your premise. Hardwire intercom systems can enable users to communicate instantly within large facilities. Panic alarm switches, video cameras and remote signaling of electronic devices are some of the many features that can be incorporated into the system that suits your application.

Many of our intercom systems allow users to remotely release locking devices installed at doors throughout the facility. Modern-day intercom systems can now be interfaced with card access and digital surveillance systems. If you would like to know more about our products and services, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email.For more specific information about our products, please be sure to visit our manufacturers’ websites:

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